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“ She is truly the most outstanding woman that I have ever had the fortune to be with. ”
I saw Elsa a few weeks ago when she made one of her infrequent trips to Edmonton. I was pretty impressed with her webpage and even though there are very few reviews of her, I decided to contact her and make a date. She requires a reference which is not a problem for me.
She was staying at a hotel, which I generally try to avoid, but as it was an early afternoon appointment there was no problem. When she opened the door, I was initially speechless. This woman is spectacularly beautiful, like Miss September beautiful. Flawless, porcelin skin, and a body that legions used to go to war over. (...) A bit expensive for me, but absolutely worth it. She is truly the most outstanding woman that I have ever had the fortune to be with. If I win the lottery....


“ A truly special and elegant beauty and lover. 
Elsa Delcour : Amazing !
Made initial contact with Elsa via email as it's her preferred method of communication. Very quick to respond, no nonsense, very organized and professional.
As I had booked early, she was pleasantly keeping in touch reminding me of our upcoming meet which simply left no doubt in my mind that I had made an exquisite choice. Finally! Day of! She was ready exactly on time. She wore a stunning and elegant black tight dress that completely complemented her lovely frame and long black hair, a mesmerizing sight to take in with those engaging eyes and such a absolute beautiful face and luscious lips.
Simply a loving alluring woman. She spoke with such a soft and sweet french tantalizing accent. To the eyes you can see an extremely refined person that takes tremendous pride in her health and appearance. Very endearing natural toned body with true curves. Pics are completely legitimate.
No shyness at all, without hesitation, the most beautiful sweetest kisses, very gentle and affectionate sweetheart.
Certainly has a very genuine and romantic nature. She had me slowly unzip her dress and gently peel it off as to expose exceptional exciting lingerie that she was hiding. Such a sexy body and soft skin. Nothing was rushed as she seemed to want to tease me and explore my personal cravings for this encounter. Just found what she was doing was very erotic. Found it so difficult to pace myself as I wanted to devour her immediately.
Displays exemplory control and playfulness with her light feminine touches and continued kisses. Feeling her tongue was a continuous delicacy. Radiants on going sexuality, control and escalation in the moment in time.
Exceptional eye to eye contact as she took me to another level. Very blessed and adventurous in the bedroom, knows exactly what she's doing.
A very passionate and gorgeous flawless woman to be with. Very experienced and giving. Most certainly a speacial demeanor to her, highly educated and classy while possessing numerous sweet qualities.
Highly positive person and a treat to converse with. Would repeat in a heart beat should she return to the city. A truly special and elegant beauty and lover.


“ Elsa is amazing. ”
Elsa is amazing. A combination of natural sex appeal with a sensuous accent that is so hard to resist or forget...


“ I will definitely repeat! ”
I just had a wonderful date with the gorgeous Elsa. We exchanged emails a few weeks before our date and as soon as I saw on P411 that she was coming to Vancouver I knew I had to meet her. She is another stunning lady from Montreal that loves to please and that makes you feel like the luckiest man on earth. She was very prompt and detailed on her emails and gave me all the details of her incall well in advance, as I counted the days to meet her. She met me at the door dressed in a form fitting LBD that later revealed that she was wearing a garter belt with stockings and a matching bra and panty set (...) Elsa is yet another example of how gorgeous and professional Montreal women are and her French accent, intelligent conversation and incredible look and gorgeous body are truly a big pleasure to enjoy. I will definitely repeat!


“ Can't wait for Elsa to circle back to my town for a definite repeat visit. ”

Elsa visited me city recently and when I saw her ad I knew I wanted to meet this gorgeous French Canadian lady. The pix were amazing and her reviews were outstanding. I was not disappointed and neither will you. Definite repeat.  Elsa is hot! Smokin' hot! I set up the appointment through P411 and screening and communication were easy. We met at her top tier incall hotel. She opened the door and I was amazed at her beauty (...) She is a native French speaker but her English is fine (...)

Can't wait for Elsa to circle back to my town for a definite repeat visit.


“ In her ad Elsa refers to herself as a paramour, a French word meaning secret/illicit lover the word’s origin the words “par + amour” meaning “with love/desire”. I can't think of a better word that more accurately described her or the vibe of our experience which meets any and all definitions of GFE and then some. ”

I am a recent and now repeat client of Elsa. For the benefit of prospective clients a quick note how/why we met. I first noticed Elsa's P411 ad at the start of the year. Obviously her gorgeous pics caught my eye (...) So despite our schedules not matching, I added Elsa to my favorites as a quick peak of her TER reviews basically said this TGTBT beauty was in fact the very real deal. A clincher for me, repeated comments of her kissing prowess YUM :)

Elsa returned to SF in July, perfect timing for 1.5hr of "staycation" fun ahead my busy work month of August. Scheduling/screening via email was handled attentively and timely. Elsa's first language is French, English being her second which you may notice in correspondence, you will definitely notice when you hear her French accent SWOON <3 I go to her 5 star hotel room at the appointed time and once inside WOW! I briefly take in the vision of her, the stylish high heels, long legs, beautiful form fitting dress showing off her slender body and ample breasts, long dark hair framing her pretty face. I say briefly as shortly after exchanging "bon jour's" (...) Fast forward to mid-late September and my second encounter with Elsa... (...) then my exit down to the lobby where I took a seat for about 15 mins so my very blown mind could reboot while trying to keep my memory of what just happened in tact. That session length has always been my "goldilocks" not too short, not too long, just right. Wrong, brain now rebooted and for the first time ever I was already lusting the person after having just left her room.

Elsa returned in latter part of September, well in advance I book a 2hr date, I did give consideration to 3hrs but instead chose to add some extra spice to our session ;) I go to her 5 star hotel room for a second time and once inside again WOW. This time she's wearing an exquisite black lingerie set and sexy heels and seconds after the door has closed behind us (...)  We shared wonderful conversation and this is where her warm personality, alluring French accent and natural, approachable beauty really shine (...)
In her ad Elsa refers to herself as a paramour, a French word meaning secret/illicit lover the word’s origin the words “par + amour” meaning “with love/desire”. I can't think of a better word that more accurately described her or the vibe of our experience which meets any and all definitions of GFE and then some. As I headed off to get dressed/cleaned up in the bathroom, I realized this 2hr date did not get all my desire for Elsa out of my system. Upon rejoining her, I learned she had a cancellation the next day and I smiled a big :) but that is another story of the time I saw someone on consecutive days for the first time ever.

I can’t recommend Elsa enough, she pushes my buttons like few women I have ever met. If you are a guy who desires connection, enjoys longer/repeat dates and who likes their GFE intimate, up close & very personal from a slender busty French beauty, then I suggest you let her push your buttons


“ This is the best experience I've had in quite some time. ”

I had missed Elsa on her previous visit and had added her to my shortlist of providers to see. When I saw that she was coming to town again, I sent her a message right away. I have a thing for women from Montreal as they tend to be very sweet and charming. Her accent is also very sexy but we didn't talk that much.

Elsa provides excellent instructions on how to reach her location on the day of your appointment and also follows up prior to you actual meeting date to confirm all is on. I went up to her room and when she opened the door, there was the woman in the pictures on her website. She's beautiful, soft spoken (...)

Afterword, we talked and cuddled more and overall this is the best experience I've had in quite some time.

I hope that she returns again soon. I'll definitely see her again!


“ She was fantastic! ”

What can I say that hasn't been said about Elsa? She is beautiful, has a lovely french accent, is very giving as well as very accommodating. Elsa was a last minute visit as I was unable to reach a provider that I was planning to see. I did have my eye on Elsa given her great reviews on TER, but had to make a choice that weekend. Unfortunately, my first choice was unavailable. I contacted Elsa who was very prompt, and worked with my schedule. Believe me, I was happy I saw her. She was fantastic! Guys, go see her if she visits your town! 

Elsa prefers contact via email, but did provide contact (via text). I had no issue with either contact preference. I had booked a two hour session with Elsa on the Sunday where the session was last minute (on my end). She was easily reachable via email, and worked with my schedule to book a session. Like I said before, I was very pleased with my choice. Elsa is a beautiful French woman. She has a little bit of an accent, but nothing where I couldn't understand her. Her pictures are true to form with natural breasts and a cute booty. I was very pleased (..) After which, we exchanged pleasantries such as her time in Minnesota, her interests in yoga, etc. She has a very interesting background, and it was fun getting to know her better (...) After which, I showered, said my goodbyes, and wished her a good night and safe travels. I certainly will see her again when she is in town.


“ This was definitely an incredible experience. ”

Elsa is a gem: beautiful, elegant, enchanting and super sexy. She has a spirited, caring and very passionate soul. Spending time with her is a real pleasure. Scheduling via P411 and follow up communication via email was a snap. Ooh La La!! 

I entered Elsa’s nice hotel room that she had transformed into a romantic boudoir with soft candle light and some sexy music playing in the background. She’s very beautiful with stunning long black hair and engaging brown eyes. Her incredibly feminine body, with soft, shapely DD breasts and nicely proportioned hips, looked magnificent in the sexy, tight mid-length black dress and heals she was wearing. She looked just like her pictures

(...) I was fascinated by the kind of flow zone she gets into. She told me her yoga practice and its meditative and spiritual aspects allow her to let go and get lost in the moment with another soul. She’s got a great spirit that resonates with me. This was definitely an incredible experience. Elsa is a wonderful fantasy lover!


“ She really does have a killer body, but more importantly a sweet disposition. ”

Worked out a 2 hour visit on Elsa's recent trip to my town. I've been out of the hobby for awhile, so I committed to Elsa after much research and vetting. She is a wonderful, experienced, and enthusiastic lady as her reviews affirm time and again. She is absolutely beautiful with an incredible body. I am so glad I got back into the game... Elsa greeted me in a little black dress when she opened the door of her incall (...) She really does have a killer body, but more importantly a sweet disposition. She loves to please but is not shy about being pleased herself. If she comes back to town, sign me up.


“ Creme de la Creme GFE (...) She is even more gorgeous in person, face and body,
and you know from her pictures how impossible that would seem. ”

Creme de la Creme GFE. Magnifique! Elsa is an elite courtesan in the truest sense. (Yes, 'elite' and 'courtesan' get thrown around a lot by providers as well as clients, often falsely. Not here.) She is sensual, perceptive, seductive, and skilled, all on a level that lends inadequacy to the term "Girlfriend Experience." Which is to write that I expect most actual girlfriends could learn a thing or ten from her about pleasure, connection, and touch. I think Elsa's profile and website convey precisely her physical gifts as well as the experience she offers, so no need to belabour those. The truth is, she is even more gorgeous in person, face and body, and you know from her pictures how impossible that would seem. As an appetizer her skin is flawless and silky, her breasts marvelously perfect. She loves to kiss and be kissed. The rest...you must find out for yourself. Afterward we enjoyed chilled sparkling water accompanied by fresh cherries with brie and chevre, which I brought for the occasion, while soft jazz played in the background. (Btw her in-call was quite upscale, and a perfect setting.) Conversation was pleasant and genuine--Elsa's French accent is sexy, charming, and suggestive of that fantasy place she so effortlessly takes you to. Then a quick shower, a long kiss goodbye, and it was time to go. The hour was far too short. I'm hoping Elsa returns to Denver, and you should too. Lobby for it! Email! Personal Message! Call your Senator! ;) I anticipate seeing her again.


“ French beauty with a movie-actress face (...) My time with her was the best experience I’ve yet had. ”

I had a wonderful afternoon tryst with the gorgeous Elsa. She is a black-haired, French beauty with a movie-actress face who greeted me at the door with an erotic kiss, and wearing a small, tight, black cocktail dress that really showed off her fabulous figure and her wonderfully voluptuous bosom (...) Altogether, our time together was more than everything I had hoped for and had desired. Being with Elsa was quite an extraordinary pleasure, and my time with her was the best experience I’ve yet had (...) Elsa is pleasant and friendly, and she speaks with a distinct French accent in a sultry alto voice that sounds very sexy. Elsa also tends to be rather shy or reserved in a rather endearing way, but which, combined with my own shyness and reticence, was an obstacle to establishing much of a personal connection in just a one hour session. I did, however, get to know Elsa well enough to know that I would love to spend a longer rendezvous with her should she ever return to Denver, and I am truly hoping that Elsa will return to Denver at a time when I will be able to meet with my new “all-time favorite” again. Elsa, Thank you.


“ I agree with the person who said she is the best he has seen in years. ”

​I was searching who might be available and viewed Elsa’s profile. I also saw that she was going to be in a city near me. I am attracted to women with black or dark hair, slim, all natural and have something intangible that only I may desire. Elsa did it for me but would it be worth the effort since it meant a bit of travel and would use up an entire day to see her? It is impossible to know for sure meeting someone for the first time regardless of the reviews or pictures. Well, she made setting up the date very easy at a nice upscale hotel. Upon entering her room she was very welcoming and more beautiful than her pictures. After a quick shower my enjoyment started. Non-VIPers, I agree with the person who said she is the best he has seen in years and if you like what you see don’t miss her. (...) All in all one of the best if not best experiences I have ever had. My only regret is that she does not travel to my area often enough.


“ Needless to say can't wait to set another appointment to see her again. ”

This the second time I booked an appointment with Elsa via her e-mail. Easy and simple to do. She is so easy to get along with and the woman of my dreams. Her French accent is so inviting. IMHO this beautiful brunette has everything, looks and a body to kill for. She is the woman in the photos on her website and they are accurate. You will not be disappointed. She is super friendly, intelligent and will please in every way. I will most definitely see her again (...) Met her at a 5 star hotel. She opened the door, chatted a bit and I took a quick shower. When I entered the bedroom she removed her sexy yellow dress which revealed her perfect curvy body (...) Needless to say can't wait to set another appointment to see her again.


“ Gentlemen, this lady is elegant and not to be missed. ”

Saw Elsa's ad and decided to meet up. Initially contacted her through email. She responded quickly, and even though I could only provide one reference, screening was quick and painless. Elsa maintains thorough clear communication throughout (...)

Incall was a clean, modern boutique hotel. She opened the door in a classy black dress and is indeed the woman in the pictures. As other reviews noted, although Elsa hides her face, it is for privacy and security reasons, and she is even more beautiful in person. Gentlemen, this lady is elegant and not to be missed. Highly recommended! (...) Elsa was ever the lady, remaining graceful, classy, providing the full GFE. I highly recommend her and will repeat if given the chance in the future.


“ I knew immediately I had made a great choice (...) Personality wise, I have never met a sweeter, gentler, sexier soul who wants to make sure you leave satisfied with all your needs indulged. ”

Elsa had posted on the TER philly board and it caught my eye. I checked out her website and thought she had an amazing body. Her reviews were excellent and really hot so I thought it would be worth it to reach out to her. I sent her an email and got a quick response. We had plenty of time to handle screening and my references were quick to respond to her. We set up a morning appointment for the city. She sent me her contact info and hotel location the day before our appointment. I got to the hotel about 5 minutes before our scheduled appointment and sent her a quick text to say I had arrived. She replied immediately and said to come up. I appreciate a lady who is on time! I went to her room and knocked on the door. She let me in and was dressed conservatively in a little black dress that showed off her figure (...)I knew immediately I had made a great choice (...) She blurs her face in her photographs for privacy reasons but I can tell you she is beautiful. Deep dark eyes, with a wonderful smile. I dropped the envelop off on credenza and she never looked at it (...)Personality wise, I have never met a sweeter, gentler, sexier soul who wants to make sure you leave satisfied with all your needs indulged. I will definitely see her on her next visit!


“ Elsa reminded me of a quiet sexy French actress and has the accent to match. ”

Elsa is truly a beautiful woman. I saw her ad she promptly responded and was quickly verified. Elsa reminded me of a quiet sexy French actress and has the accent to match. I was very happy to have met her and you will too !! VIPs read on.  My mind was running wild from her pics and reviews and I was not disappointed. 1st her lips are soft and glowing next her sultry look like Lolita (...) It was a great time.


“ None better in my opinion. ”

​I haven't written a review in quite some time but just had to tell you about Elsa! All preliminary communication was by email and with Whitelist and current reference we had a date for a week out when she would be in San Jose. We had a 10:00 AM date. She is absolutely beautiful.... very classy and extremely sensual (...) Clothes started to get in the way.......VIP's Read on. Suffice it to say... none better in my opinion (...) Elsa is definitely a 10 in both looks and performances. I felt a real genuine connection with her which made this the most amazing experience. Makes me think about moving to Montreal!


“ Elsa is a rare treasure in this world.”

I first noticed Elsa’s profile and photos on P411. She checks her account frequently, keeping her near the top of the Montreal providers. After checking out her website and TER reviews she definitely had my attention so I sent her an introductory email and an appointment request via P411. I was seeking a potential travel companion for multi-day excursions and wanted to know if she was interested. I was delighted when she responded to let me know that she was intrigued. After some additional emails and reference checks, we settled on a few dates and, as the saying goes, the rest is history. We agreed to meet first for a one-night rendezvous to test our chemistry, scheduling our next (multi-day) rendezvous in the spring for some memorable outdoor adventures and indoor fun. 

Getting to know Elsa has been an absolute pleasure…..for multiple reasons! 
First, she is a gorgeous, voluptuous young women with thick, dark hair; long, lean legs (...) she’s totally at ease with her sensuality and the pursuit of indulgent pleasures. Second, her sultry European looks and French accent are a terrific complement (...) Une véritable muse française !

Elsa is a devoted yoga practitioner, which requires discipline and focus, but it also gives her the strength, fitness, and endurance suitable for a wide range of physical activities. We both love outdoor adventures, so the opportunities for memorable excursions are many (...) Her allure is real, the seduction is irresistible (...) What more could one ask for?

Well, there is more….. 
Elsa is an intelligent and worldly conversationalist; her wardrobe covers casual, sexy, elegant, and everything in between; she loves to dine, listen to music, lounge, and share stories. She has many interests beyond this hobby, but she also truly enjoys getting to know her companions, which allows her to settle into a genuine GFE role (...) Yes, I am hooked. Her kissing alone would bring me back for more, but thankfully, there is soooooo much more!

Treat her with respect, appreciate her gifts, and enjoy all your shared sensual pleasures. Elsa is a rare treasure in this world…..one to indulge in time and time again…..


“ She is a must see!!! ”

A great hot time with a good provider. I was happy to see her when she open the door (...)   Nice soft music playing in the background (...)  She is a must see!!!


“ Gorgeous sultry appearance with pouty lips, and amazing slender figure.”

Overall great experience and really liked what I saw from the get go (...) Highly recommend and will repeat (...) Elsa has a sweet disposition. Gorgeous sultry appearance with pouty lips, and amazing slender figure. Very hot (...) Highly recommend and will definitely repeat.


“ She is a true GFE, extremely sweet personality, elegant, killer body, beautiful face and pleasing attitude.”

I really like Elsa's pictures and decided to give her a try since French ladies are in general great providers. Elsa was no exception. She is a true GFE, extremely sweet personality, elegant, killer body, beautiful face and pleasing attitude. She was also very easy to talk to and we seemed to connect right from the start. I arranged everything entirely via e-mail. I saw her in her upscale hotel. She opened the door dressed in a sexy tight dress that really showed off her amazing figure, it didn't stay on long. Elsa is exactly as pictured on her website, she is amazing to look at. Tight body, amazing DD cups and a perfect behind (...) She is a rare find, fascinating lady, bright and stunningly ravishing. Can't wait until the stars are in alignment again.


“ One of the most sensual times I have ever experienced.”

Quite honestly one of the most sensual times I have ever experienced. She was engaging and sexy, making me feel like I was the center of her erotic universe. For non-vip, without question I would repeat, I might even consider traveling to say hi.  Most of our communication was by email setting up the date, but once it started there was absolutely nothing mechanical (...)
After this point things went to a whole new level of passion and engagement. I will leave out the description, but suffice to say, it was absolutely incredible. Without a doubt I would repeat.


“ She is very intelligent, alluring and a very sexy woman.”

I was late getting to her hotel due to the Patriots parade but the hassle was well worth it. She is tall, sexy and alluring. She met me in a tiny black dress that showed all her curves and greeted me with a very soft sensual kiss. I washed up and when I came back in the room the fun began. She is awesome (...)  She had on a beautiful matching lingerie set. She is very intelligent, alluring and a very sexy woman. I would give her a 10 if the rules allowed.



“ Everything about her arouses me, from her body and looks to they way she carries herself
and her intelligence too.”

​I met Elsa while she was visiting Chicago. She's a breeze to communicate with and responsive throughout. Her website pictures are what sold me on scheduling a visit and let me just say that real life was even better---pictures simply do not prepare you for that moment when your eyes catch hers and you know it's going to be a great time. Highly recommended. Repeat customer already.
Elsa is just gorgeous. This was clear from her pictures, but I have to say I was caught a bit off-guard, in the good kind of way, when we met in person. Everything about her arouses me, from her body and looks to they way she carries herself and her intelligence too. We could have talked for days---even though we certainly did not do that---but I really appreciated the substantive conversation (...) Bottom line for me is that I had an amazing time, so amazing that I immediately booked another visit for her. Now I'm waiting till we see each other again...



“ Beautiful French Muse. Must see!”

I've been eyeing Elsa for some time but our schedules never coincided in the past. This time the stars aligned and we were able to set up an appointment during her SF tour. She is very professional in her communications and gave me her incall information the evening before. When I met her I found a lovely brunette with an hourglass body and beautiful long legs. My heart missed a few beats as she welcomed me (...) Elsa is a true GFE and I can't wait to see her again. Highly recommended.




Several years back the SF Bay was a regular tour stop for French escorts.  Their reputation was stellar and then later my own experiences with them fantastic.  So when I noticed Elsa's nightshift listing months ago I immediate added it to my favorites despite my not being able to book that visit.  I hoped that she'd be back and maybe a few more reviews of her might come of her visit that would suggest this TGTBT beauty was the real deal.  Her ad pics looked like images from fashion magazines, her ad text saying all the things I seek out in an experience. The reviews came, she was very real and I waited for her return at the end of July.  Perfect timing for me, I was looking for some "staycation" fun ahead a very busy work month of August and boy did I find it and then some.

I booked with Elsa as soon as I could confirm my calendar for a 1.5hr date in SF. Quick note, all correspondence is handled via email, references are required and all that was handled attentively and timely. You will probably notice in your correspondence, you will definitely notice when you hear her French accent 

I go to her room at an upscale union square 5 star hotel at the appointed time and once inside WOW WOW WOW.  The first wow is just seeing her in person, her photos were gently blurred but enough to have an idea she pretty.  I only had moments to drink in the view from her stylish high heels to her long legs, a beautiful body hugging dress showing off her slender body and ample breasts to her long dark hair framing her beautiful face.  She had minimal makeup on, that sort of makeup style that done right makes it seem like she isn't wearing any at all letting her natural beauty shine (...)


Elsa is a yoga enthusiast, it shows in the look of trim feminine body.  Her breast are real, large & full and I was about to find she and her body are responsive and orgasmic (...) Her beauty isn't distant it's in fact very up close & personal which to me is a trait that all the women who I find extraordinary possess. In between the sex we had a wonderful conversation where you quickly get past her physical beauty and see the natural, approachable sweet beauty that is her person (...)

Needless to say I recommend, I think for those guys who regularly book longer than 1hr she will appeal to you the most.  The 1st pic on her SF ad is the pic I think that most reflects her look & natural style. I will repeat, in fact am booked for 2hrs on up coming visit to SJ/SF.



“ Elegant and amazing woman.”

Elegant and amazing woman.
Met Elsa on a weekend afternoon and I was greeted with a beautiful lady wearing black lingerie and soothing music in the background (...)



“ Passion-driven time from the moment I walked in till the moment I walked out.”

I was lucky to have connected with mademoiselle Elsa while in San Francisco. She was such a pleasure to be with. Really humble and modest for as beautiful as she is. She's caring and attentive to my desires. I don't even know where to start to fully describe our time together. I can't articulate it; we had chemistry; she knew what I wanted when I wanted it...for me, it was mind blowingly euphoric. She definitely will indulge all of your senses. From her classy, exquisite look, model type face, gorgeous, inviting eyes, sexy athletic body, affectionate touches (...) what an amazing lover!!! I couldn't have asked for anything more other than...more time😉. Maybe next time :) It was the type of experience where we really could have savored each other for hours. The hour flew by but we were going at it from start to finish with a little 10 min break in between to catch our breaths. She fulfilled all my desires that day. I left very satisfied and she made it very difficult for me to leave her...had to fight the urge to come back same day. Elsa...in reference to your ad, I may forget your name...lol, but I'll absolutely never forget you. Je vous remercie😊😘



“ Amazing time with a goddess.”

Amazing time with a goddess.

I had seen Elsa for a few weeks and finally had to see what all the rage was about... it's all true. After a quick verification by email my appointment was set for the next day. I arrived to see Elsa in a sexy outfit, black top and black mini skirt. She looked great and was sooo kind and sweet. She loves to please you and also loves to be pleased (...) Her body is perfect, her lips are magic, and her attitude is the best. Only the best will do for a gentleman, and she deserves nothing but the best gentlemen. Go see her if you can!



“ Elsa is a outstanding lady and can't wait to see her when she returns.”

I had scheduled an appoint with Elsa for her trip to SF in advance. After getting cleared it was nice, casual email exchanges that kept me excited until she arrived. I had asked her to wear from lingerie from one of her shoots and she did! I found that out after taking offer her dress, after a very warm greeting with a hug (...) Elsa's lips are gorgeous and super soft (...) After the embrace I was able have her step back to admire her beauty, the way the dress covered her body and then she asked me to unzip it to see what was underneath - the lingerie I requested! (...) Elsa is a outstanding lady and can't wait to see her when she returns.



“ Elsa is a french treat.”

I had pre booked this french beauty when i saw her ad come up. She did not disappoint. She is beautiful and fun. Do not hesitate to see her. Great and good time. She greeted me at the door in sexy black lingerie (...) She has a perfect body and perfect ass (...) Elsa is a french treat. Very sweet, sexual and erotic. She aims to please and got a bulls eye! Definitely see her.



“ The Experience was awesome.”

Intro- if you're into hot French women then she's the one for you (...) with a full GFE menu with and exceptional services For more juicy details see the VIP section (...) I have seen her several times on my business trips to Montreal. My last visit with her was several weeks ago during my last trip. She is in her early 30's and has an extremely nice body, very sensual lady with exquisite body with a very sexy French flair (...) Overall the Experience was awesome. I felt a personal connection with her and it's like being with an old girlfriend. I have seen her several times and each time it gets better and better (...) Treat her right and the chemistry will be there the experience will be heavenly.



“ The experience was amazing, one of the best experiences of my life.”

I saw Elsa Delcour during her recent visit to San Francisco. Elsa was very easy to schedule with through P411.
I went to her upscale hotel and headed up to her room. Instantly like what I see when I walk in the door, Elsa is definitely tight and toned (...) She's awesome. Love her look and attitude. She has pretty eyes, full lips, and just enough makeup on. She has also a sexy French accent (...) It was like getting together with a long lost girlfriend. And so began a very extraordinary 2 hours with this beautiful lady (...) Elsa is an intelligent fun person to be with and open in her conversation. She loves what she does (...) She is also very sweet and caring. I never once felt rushed or any under pressure. The experience was amazing, one of the best experiences of my life. I will forever remember this very special evening (...) Looking forward to my next visit!



“ The ultimate GFE.”

I finally got a chance to see Elsa Delcour (I've been trying to see her for a while but our schedules never coincide) and ... the wait was worth it! The booking was made by email -- fairly easy. When I got to her room, I must admit I was slightly nervous when I was walking in, but I was greeted by a very friendly and gorgeous woman who treated me like an old friend and managed to put me at ease. I was floored by her looks--she is really hot and sexy. She looks awesome, beautiful face, long dark hair and she has a sexy French accent. Her pictures doesn't do her justice, she's more beautiful in person. She is a very smiling lady. Her legs were slender and so lovely. She was dressed in a very hot bustier (which soon came off). Very stylish and sexy woman. (...) Needless to say, I had an amazing time. She's really into the session. The evening was very flirtatious and natural. For non vip : my session with Elsa was one of the best if not the best I have ever had in several years of lobbying. The ultimate GFE. (...) Elsa is amazing woman. Easy conversation. She took me to heaven. We had a very passionate time (...) I definitely can't wait to see her again.



“ A G-R-E-A-T time with a wonderful girl. A Girlfriend everyone wishes they had.”



“ Elsa is a very rare, insanely HOT, a must see and she truly loves connecting with people.”

Elsa is a very rare, insanely HOT, a must see and she truly loves connecting with people.
Very sexy attire and she was very friendly right from the start. Nice heels, tall, amazing eyes (...) This lady should not be missed; she is a definite repeat. Nice girl, good head on her shoulders, aims to please men.



“ She's kind of a super-GFE experience. Seeing her was an all-around great experience.
She is a keeper, will definitely repeat.”

Decided to see Elsa Delcour, and very happy that I did!  I met Elsa at her discrete, upscale centrally located in-calllocation (...) She looks just like her pics and has a great personality which both put me at ease.Elsa is a bombshell, has nice kissable lips, amazing body...  She is a fun person to be with and is beautiful (...) She is a sensual delight. (...) I enjoyed my time so much, exactly what I was looking for, I left with a smile on my face.  She's kind of a super-GFE experience (...) Seeing her was an all-around great experience. She is a keeper, will definitely repeat.



“ She is the ultimate provider in my opinion, she has gone to the top of my ATF list.”
She looks like her pics, she is so damn gorgeous and she has the perfect attitude. She is one of the best provider in my opinion, no doubt the best I have seen (...)  She dressed classy but very sexy. Had dinner, very sweet and intelligent companion, nice conversation. Very classy, you can never get embarrassed in her company.  She was the hottest woman in the place (...) She is the ultimate provider in my opinion, she has gone to the top of my ATF list (...) she is also a beautiful and genuine lady.



“ I would repeat again and again”
When i opened the door, i saw this beautiful woman in front of me, wow... the photos didn't lie. For basic members, she has a pretty face, looks toned, tanned, fit and healthy, she provided me an awesome GFE and i would repeat again and again (...) Elsa's English is very good, amazing body, very attractive face, very friendly and smart (...) The session was hot and very natural, she is very involved and completely into it (...)
She is sensual, erotic, imaginative and very open to exploration. She is very skilled. She is not a clock watcher. I believe we ran overtime with our conversations. The chemistry was good, felt like long time lovers. Will Definitely see again.



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